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Pharmaceutical Capsules

As a form of dosage, capsules are so common that it's easy to overlook them. There are reasons why pharmaceutical companies choose to use capsules as a dosage form for particular drugs, and they do so for a variety of reasons. Certain drugs are indeed suitable for capsules, as they offer a number of benefits. Our company supplies prescription drugs, like 140mg Ibrutinib capsules for cancer treatment, and 0.5mg Tacrolimus Capsules IP for weakening immune system so that the body accepts new heart, kidney or liver after transplant. Your doctor or pharmacist may prescribe these pharmaceutical capsules for other purposes.
Product Image (Notib)

140mg Ibrutinib Capsules

Price: 3500 INR/Pack
  • Delivery Time:3-4 Days
  • Supply Ability:8-1000000 Per Day
Product Image (Pangraf)

0.5mg Tacrolimus Capsules IP

Price: 1000 - 1000000 INR/Pack
  • Supply Ability:8-1000000 Per Day
  • Delivery Time:3-4 Days